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New Releases November 2014


When we first starting looking for select parcels of Chilean wines to import for our private customers, we were delighted to be introduced to Vina Casa Silva. They fit the F&V mould perfectly! They are the Chilean winery with the most awards in both national and international competitions in the 21st century.

100% Family owned and based in the famous Colchaqua Valley since 1892, their vineyards are based at the winery, throughout the valley and select coastal parcels are also part of the portfolio. The range and breadth of the terroir owned by Casa Silva gives them unrivalled ability to breathe depth and complexity into all their wines. In contrast to South African wines, the coastal vineyards of Casa Silva are influenced by the Pacific Ocean. The Silva family pioneered wine production in the valley over 100 years ago, and today the 5th generation are still completely in control of the business.

Casa Silva Collections

Wine production arrived in Chile around 1554 with the Conquistadores. Today it is the 5th largest exporter of wine globally, and the 9th largest in terms of production. Despite being historically and politically linked to Spain, the wine production in Chile has been heavily influenced by the French (much like SA).

2014 "Coleccion" Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon
A stunning blend of two well-known bed partners. The two cultivars are harvested by hand from select sites at the foot of the Andes mountains and on the Pacific coast. The "Colección" range uses fruit from the most extreme sites within the vineyards. .. Read More

2013 "1912 Vines" Sauvignon Gris

Yes, you read right. This is one of the ONLY Sauvignon Gris available in the World! In 1998 the Silva family discovered healthy Sauvignon Gris vines growing in one of the original vineyards on the farm (planted in 1912). The wine is now made in very limited quantities from these vines and some others, planted from the original material, in their coastal vineyards (cooler climate, depth of wine)... Read More

2013 "Coleccion" Carmenere
Made from fruit selected from the extremes of the vineyards in the Colchaqua Valley. Camenere has been a focus of the Silva family since they began wine production here over 100 years ago. Camenere was used in French wine production centuries ago and had all but disappeared. Chile has been the "home" of world-class Camenere since its reappearance and dominates premium production of the varietal. .. Read More

Casa Siliva Reserva Cuvee Colchaqua 2013
No vinous sojourn to South America is complete without some excellent Malbec. We fell instantly in love with this example. Sourced from the more extreme parts of the family's vineyards within the Colchaqua Valley, the grapes are then hand sorted to identify the finest fruit. .. Read More

Casa Silva Los Lingues
Single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from the foot of the snow-capped and rugged Andes. "Los Lingues" is the name of the specific vineyard. This is a real departure from SA Cabs, reflecting completely different terroir. There's a delicate balance between red and black fruits, soft tannins and a long finish. .. Read More

2007 Casa Silva Carmenere Microterroir
The flagship Carmenere, from the leading boutique producer, in the best valley in the world for producing Chile's signature varietal. Aged for 7 years perfectly at the winery... Read More

Frogitt & Vonkel commissions exciting wines from leading boutique producers exclusively for our private customers under the "Catchpole & Co." brand. The name comes from 'Catchpole & Frogitt' which was the name of the original business in the UK.

Catchpole The Victorian Petit Verdot 2009 and El Caliz Malbeck 2009We produce a full range of the usual cultivars… from Chardonnay to Cabernet Sauvignon via Merlot and Chenin through the Catchpole & Co. "Woodward Ridge" range. We like to be adventurous from time to time, however, and special wines from more unusual cultivars are also proudly bottled under our own label.

These are two exciting examples which represent excellent value for money, and offer superb drinking. A collaboration with the award-winning Blaauwklippen estate, both wines are WO Stellenbosch and have been expertly matured 'in barrel' deep in the Blauuklippen cellars for 5 years.

The Victorian
Petit Verdot 2009

Petit Verdot was historically used in Bordeaux as a blending component due to its unreliable ripening in less than ideal weather conditions. The warmer and more predictable weather in the Cape has seen this varietal gain favour with more adventurous wine makers, where it ripens more reliably. Still used as a blending component, exceptional batches have been made into single varietal wines... Read More

El Caliz
Malbeck 2009

Good Malbec is big, but soft wine and Argentina has made the varietal a world-wide favourite. It pairs extremely well with braai'd red meats and hard cheeses. Usually produced from bush vines called "gobletting" as they resemble the shape of a goblet. The old Spanish word for "goblet" is "El Caliz" hence the name of our Stellenbosch example of this fabulous cultivar... Read More

Catchpole Les Dangereux Sauvignon Blanc 2014 and Bordeaux Blend 2012CATCHPOLE & CO.

Back in 2007 we discovered a fabulous new estate spring to life near Elgin, in the Bot Rivier ward. The vineyards were both new and remote and offered fruit that was entirely virus free (being so isolated from other vineyards). The terroir was unique, and the winemaker extremely talented. They were producing a Sauvignon Blanc and a Bordeaux Blend in tiny quantities that were exceptional. That estate is Gabrielskloof and both the wines have been "best sellers" here at Frogitt from the very first vintage we listed. Gabrielskloof has been a success story and awards have flown in. A restaurant on-site is thriving and production is growing. With the growth in production, however, the style and profile of the wines unavoidably change. So, last year we asked the farm to set aside specific vines (and barrels) which could be used to produce wine that was exactly like those first few vintages. Small, precise and truly boutique. They agreed and we launched, under our "Catchpole & Co." brand, 'Les Dangereux' which is French for "The Dangerous" – a name derived from our memory of first drinking these wines… one bottle was never enough!

Sauvignon Blanc 2014
Cool climate Sauvignon, done in the French style. Fresh, zesty and defined. Extremely limited quantities from a crush done especially for Frogitt & Vonkel. This wine in previous vintages has consistently been one of our best-selling Sauvignon Blancs..... Read More

Bordeaux Blend 2012
Silky smooth and perfectly balanced. This has never failed to impress lovers of premium red blends and we are very excited to have our own limited production bottled under our own label.... Read More

We've been delighting our private customers with premium Spanish wines for years now. But this is the first time we've ventured to Southern Spain's Andalucia. Temperatures here are warmer than with previously imported Rioja and Navarra, but Andalucia has two massive mountain ranges, and 'Tierra Hermosa' is nestled in high at 1200m… giving hot days and cool nights. This combination delivers premium fruit under the right hands.
Frogitt & Vonkel aren't the only ones in South Africa who have discovered and delighted in these wines. Allan Mullins, head of wine selections for Woolworths, recently signed this producer up for a Pan-African distribution company based in Cape Town. F&V are, however, the sole importers for 'Tierra Hermosa" (which means "Beautiful Land" in Spanish) in SA.

3 Pueblos 2013
Macabeo & Voignier
Tres Pueblos means “Three Villages” and is a nod to the three ancient villages the winery overlooks, which have their own church towers poking into the skyline. Expect to enjoy white wine unlike anything produced in South Africa. Distinctly Spanish, Macabeo marries beautifully with the Viognier to deliver a seriously refreshing blend. ... Read More

Veinte Grados (20 Degrees)

Named after the remarkable 20-degree drop in temperature from day to night. This is velvet-soft red wine, with seamless integration of the 3 cultivars used. Identifiably Spanish with the Tempranillo, the Garnacha and Syrah add complexity and depth. ... Read More

Neblerio Tempranillo
100% Tempranillo… the quintessential Spanish varietal. Those who have enjoyed our Rioja's and Navarra's will enjoy exploring how the terrior has influenced this particular example. Much cooler nights at 1200m altitude means the wine, whilst is full bodied, is arguably more elegant and complex than the sun-drenched warmer examples. ... Read More

This small 82 ha estate on the Wemmershoek Mountains overlooks the legendary Victor Verster prison in Paarl. It was here that Nelson Mandela took his first steps to freedom. Only hand selected grapes find their way into their extremely limited productions. Francois & Kowie (with 50 years combined experience) age each wine for a minimum 24 months in French Oak to ensure the wines reach peak perfection. Rich in character and generous in flavour, each splendid wine in the range is a tribute to liberty!

For the first time ever, we are offering pre-packed Gift Boxes from this estate.

There are 6 x 2 bottle packs in each case. Each 2-pack has 1 x Cape Blend 2013 and 1 x Shiraz 2010. Perfect for corporate or personal gifting!

Freedom Walk Cape Blend 2013 (47% Cab, 41% Pinotage, 12% Shiraz) - A delicious blend under their label Freedom Walk. It is a ruby red wine with loads of fruit; is easy-drinking and delicious, with silky tannins on the palate and a smooth complex aftertaste. Made in very limited quantities especially for

Freedom Walk Shiraz 2010 - Freedom Hill is well-known for their lovely Shiraz. The Spiciness of the nose is echoed on the palate with juicy fruit flavours. This is BIG MOUTH Shiraz, but still silky smooth and finely integrated. ... Read More

Major's Hill started in 1994 when the Louw family bought the famous Klipdrift farm, of Klipdrift Brandy fame. The new vineyard and cellar incorporate the old cellars architecturally. Major's Hill takes its name from a previous owner "Major Jacobus Petrus Marais". Winemaker, and Partner, PORT 2007Alkie van Der Merwe spares no effort in producing some of the most exciting wines we've drunk in a long while. The stylistic aim is to produce wines that taste like the grapes they came from…something of a novelty with many of today's wines!

PORT 2007
Made with a base of award-winning Pinotage, seductively blended with the finest brandy spirit. Produced only in tiny amounts specifically for the Christmas season, we receive constant requests for this wine all year round. If you are a port fan, then we strongly recommend buying enough for the season and some "reserves" to carry you through the year... Read More

Major's Hill Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum – 2012
One of our very best sellers, this wine has grown with us from day one.  It is a bold, in-your-face wine packed with flavour. Waiting lists are gathered before the new vintages, and only when there is enough does the wine go onto general release.  Don't let this one escape you! Ideal format (magnum) for those wishing to age the wine... Read More

Majors Hill Merlot Magnum – 2011
Only selected optimum ripened grapes are used.  12 Months in 70% french oak barrels and 30% American oak barrels.  This is a refined and elegantly structured Merlot with hints of smokiness completed by soft tannins. It is an ideal accompaniment to fine red meat dishes, and singularly ends the debate on whether South Africa can make good Merlot. ..... Read More

Majors Hill Six Bottle Wooden Presentation Gift Box ... Read More
A wooden box (unvarnished) with a slide top containing one each of the following wines:

Major's Hill Chardonnay 2013 .
Major's Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2014
Major's Hill Shiraz 2011
Majors Hill Pinotage 2010
Majors Hill Merlot 2011
Major's Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 2012





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