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New Releases October 2015

Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc 2014Twin Islands - New Zealand
Twin Islands wines are produced by the family owned Nautilus Estate since 1992. Grown in Marlborough, carefully crafted; they produce wines that are
synonymous with the best in New Zealand. The wines are stylish and individual. Their wines are exported to over 30 countries around the world, and have been consistently recommended by leading sommeliers and connoisseurs. Nautilus Estate is also one of a handful of wineries licensed to use the prestigious New Zealand Fern brand.

Twin Island Sauvignon Blanc - 2014
The essence of Marlborough wines, grown in the heartland and capturing the very best of the world famous region. Twin Islands, Marlborough, creates exceptional wines which are crafted with varietal character and refreshment in mind. The clean, fresh and distinctive palate of this Sauvignon Blanc fulfils this aim with great aplomb at an everyday price. The exceptional value for money makes this the ideal access point to world-renowned NZ Sauvignon Blanc...Read More

Finca La Emperatriz
Rioja, Spain

A rare producer for Rioja, La Emperatriz is a single vineyard estate. Situated in the far north-west of the D.O, the site also benefits from extremely poor soil and hard ground covered in a carpet of white rocks. Perfect for premium red wine grapes, especially Tempranillo. The estate is named after its original owner, The Empress of France. Wife of Napoleon III and mother of the Prince Imperial.

The Prince Imperial having served in the British Army following his fathers defeat by Germany, and exiled to England. It was whilst serving as a Lieutenant attached to the Royal Engineers he met his untimely death here in South Africa during a skirmish with Zulu's in 1879.
The current owners purchased the property in 1996 and returned the farms focus back to wine. 20 years on they boast no fewer than 22 of Gold and Silver medals since the 2005 vinatge. Wine Advocate named them one of "5 Young Guns of Rioja" this year.

Terruno and HunoTerruñ0 – 2010
Single-Plot Tempranillo, Rioja

Unique single-plot Tempranillo from a reinvigorated estate selected as one of "5 Young Guns of Rioja" by Wine Advocate with 93 Parker Points!
Sublime Tempranillo, showing why this is the signature red grape of the region...Read More

Los Balancines
Ribera Del Guardiana, Spain

A rare D.O, certainly for South African imports. The Ribera Del Guardiana is remote… 353 Kilometres from Madrid and just 27 K's from the Portuguese border. This vineyard is situated between two mountains and surrounded by olive groves.

The focus on wine production here is one of ecologically sound practices, with minimal interference including irrigation.
Remoteness, and coming from a rare D.O haven't stopped Los Balancines gaining international acclaim. The winery is currently the Official Winery of the "Top 50 Restaurants Awards" which is the leading international competition of its kind.

Huno – 2013
Tempranillo, Garnacha Tintorera, Cab Sav and Syrah
Ribera Del Guardiana

Rare Garnacha Tintorera blend from one of Spains most remote D.O's. Seriously deep, seriously complex. A real adventure in a glass. A "stand-out" from our recent trip to Fenavin… the Spanish National Wine Show near Madrid in May. A deeply complex and juicy red blend driven by 50% Garnacha Tintorera with Tempranillo, ..Read More


Summer Bubbly Festival

Canevel Spumante Brut

Off-dry, lower-alcohol (11%), light-bodied sparkling wine. Made with Glera from Valdobbiadene and Chardonnay from the estate in Refrontolo. All the grapes were carefully selected by hand, and the wine was fermented using the traditional Italian Charmat-Martinotti Method. The main thing here is the ease in which one drinks it. It is insanely delicious and approachable. The bubbles are rich and lively and the flavours are citrusy and delightfully astringent..Read More

Canevel Spumante Extr-Dry
A refreshingly beautiful Spumante, made from hand-picked Glera grapes growing on the hills of Valdobbiadene, about 250m above sea level. Like the Brut, this is seriously easy drinking. However the 100% Glera creates a drier experience and profile. This was poured by Canevel themselves at The Wine Show JHB last year and soldout by the second day. We couldn't argue with that, and immediately added it to our bi-annual shipments...Read More

Privat Laieta Rosé Brut Nature – 2012 Gran Reserva
Wonderfully individual hand-crafted organic cava from the Mataro (or Mouverdre) grape in its native territory. The ideal gift, if you can bear to give it away. Pink perfection...Read More

Privat Laieta Brut Nature
Perfection of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Xarello in an organic Cava that evokes the very essence of Barcelona. Ole!...Read More

LG Brut

LG Brut has become a firm favourite in the Frogitt & Vonkel family and as always is 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. This is a true representation of why Champagne is loved by so many! It is dry, crisp and divine...Read More

LG Brut Rosè
Magnificent, delectable, insanely wonderful, this bubbly Rose is 100% Pinot Noir – one of the most difficult and exceptional Champagnes to get right...Read More

Tanzanite Méthode Cap Classique Brut Rosé
Hand-picked Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and a touch of Shiraz (2%) went into making this magnificent wine, which was left on the lees for 30 months in the bottle...Read More

Artisanal Bourgogne
Burgundy, France

Benjamin Leroux Chardonnay and Domaine ChavyRivalled in price only by Bordeaux, yet a world apart in terms of flavour, style and history, Bourgogne/Burgundy is the spiritual home of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

French production of wine is governed by strict all-encompassing laws which determine how wines are labelled… and therefore what prices the bottles can attract.

Like elsewhere in the wine-world though, there exists a new breed that seeks to explore the terrior and possibilities of their vines today. Without necessarily having to stick rigidly to codes that have been in place for centuries.

These “rock-star” wine-makers sell their wines to tight-knit communities of serious wine lovers and other premium wine-makers around the world.
Through our close relationship with Alex Dale of The Winery of Good Hope we are able to offer two fantastic examples to our customers on a very limited basis.

Benjamin Leroux Chardonnay – 2011

What happens when a young rock-star winemaker in Burgundy decides to break the rules and go for artisanal fantasticness in Chardonnay.

Leroux is one of the most celebrated young winemakers in Burgundy, at home and internationally. His wines are pure and complex, while retaining a link to the values forged over centuries by his ancestors. The family have deep roots here....Read More

Domaine Chavy-Chouet ‘La Taupe’ – 2012
Bourgogne, Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir from one of Burgundy’s celebrated Next Generation winemakers, trained in Mersault and Stellenbosch!

This Pinot is from vines on the outskirts of Pommard, in the village next to winemaker Romaric Chavy’s family’s 12th century cellar in iconic Mersault.
Chavy is one of the celebrated new generation in Burgundy, having doone his apprenticeship firstly under his father in Mersault and then at Radford Dale in Stellenbosch in ’06....Read More

Alta Alella
Alella, Barcelona, Spain

Alella is Spains smallest “ward” or “D.O” at just 230 Ha total with just 8 producers. Alta’s vineyards sit on the outskirts of Barcelona and overlook the Mediterranean Sea. Wine has been produced here since the ancient Romans, and was noted by Pliny the Elder (AD 23-78 approx), when they were known as “vins de Laietans” (the pre-Roman civilisation of the area).

During the Middle Ages the Alella wines were the official purveyors of wine to the Crown of Aragon. Truly a royal history, and seal of approval!

In 1990 Josep Maria Pujol-Busquets and his wife Cristina Guillén purchased and transformed an old Art-Deco estate and began planting the now 17 Ha of vineyards. Organic farming and production are employed, thus preserving the biodiversity of the surrounding Natural Park. The EU “Certified Organic” legislation excludes all treatments with pesticides and herbicides. Therefore, many of the techniques used are as ancient as winemaking itself.

The unique bottle shape for the Cava Gran Reserva used to be for the still white wine served at the Court of the King. The bottle shape disappeared into history and Josep Maria redesigned it with an Italian glassmaker to adapt for sparkling wine (pressure), and is patented exclusively for Alta Alella. How’s that for exclusivity! Our listing of these wines marks the debut of Alta Alella anywhere in Africa. Each bottle comes in its own presentation tube.

Privat Laieta Brut Nature – 2011
Gran Reserva
Perfection of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Xarello in an organic Cava that evokes the very essence of Barcelona. Ole!

Named in honour of the ancients who first produced wines in Alella. The ‘Privat’ label is the premium-end of the range. Local varietal Xarello adds real character and depth to what is otherwise a classic blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. 100% organic from vine to bottle. ‘Brut Nature’ means that no external dosage, thus the wine is 100% natural and of itself… and slightly drier and clean...Read More

Privat Laieta Rosé Brut Nature – 2012
Gran Reserva
Wonderfully individual hand-crafted organic cava from the Mataro (or Mouverdre) grape in its native territory. The ideal gift, if you can bear to give it away. Pink perfection.

Named in honour of the ancients who first produced wines in Alella. The ‘Privat’ label is the premium-end of the range. 100% Mataro (Mouverdre) giving this wine real personality unlike anything else. Mataro is native to this area. Strawberry and red fruits, with maritime salinity and excellent structure. Seriously moreish. Beautifully packaged and stunning in the glass.....Read More

Lacourte Godbillon
Premier-Cru Champagne

This is a tiny family-owned estate in the heart of Champagne in the village of Ecuiel (situated in Montagne de Reims, between Reims and Epernay).  Monsieur Lacourte is a 5th Generation winemaker and has been the driving force and passion behind some of the best Champagne Frogitt & Vonkel has ever had.  His cellar is built under the family home and all the bottles are turned by hand twice a day personally.  His children now run the farm and we have remained loyal to them and their fabulous Champagnes for over 10 years.  They specialize in 2 varietals – Pinot Noir (famed in Ecuiel) and Chardonnay.

In France, despite Champagne mega-brands, the tradition is to buy from small producers, often via personal relationships going back over generations. Our connection with Lacourte-Godbillion means now F&V customers can drink the same fantastic Champagnes the French treat themselves with.

LG Brut has become a firm favourite in the Frogitt & Vonkel family and as always is 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay.  This is a true representation of why Champagne is loved by so many! It is dry, crisp and divine..Read More

Brut Reserve
This is distinguished & balanced like a Louis Armstrong solo (the winemaker’s favourite jazz artist). The Brut Reserve has been refined for an additional3 years in the cellar under the Lacourte family home. This cuvee is recommended for all important events...Read More

Millesime 2008
This is formed slowly with all the attention of a ‘Stradivarius’ violin. Made only from an exceptional harvest; the Millesime is the result of Jean-Guy Lacourte’s great experience with equal amounts of Pinot Noir & Chardonnay.  Its 8 years of ageing in the cellar has given it strength & sophistication. It is a rich elegant wine to accompany your finest dinners and events. .Read More

Magnificent, delectable, insanely wonderful, this bubbly Rose is 100% Pinot Noir – one of the most difficult and exceptional Champagnes to get right.  It is pale salmon in colour and expresses a predominance of red fruits.  It is delicate and fresh; luscious and beautiful.  This is a three bottle wine – once you’ve opened one, the others will open themselves!...Read More

Cuvee Vanite
This magnificent blend of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay and is a golden yellow in colour.  The nose is very expressive with white blossoms bringing an elegant touch in perfect harmony with white stone fruits.  The palate has a direct and lively attack with roasted notes and floral aromas for a bracing finish....Read More

Demi Sec
Our Director’s favourite! This delicious and exceptionally popular off-dry champagne unveils a gorgeous nose of red fruit and floral notes from the predominance of Pinot Noir.  The mouth-feel is bright, complex and fresh with a rounded powerful complexity that ends in a smooth special cuvee of soft bubbles..Read More

Granted in 1715, the historical Natte Valleij and its grand old Cape Dutch buildings have been home to quite a few interesting people & has produced its fair share of fine Cape wines. Everything is kept to tradition – the wines are picked, bottled, corked and labelled by hand – it is a family affair with everyone being pulled in to assist at busy times.

The wines are boutique and exceptional with a few meeting F&V's exacting standards. Our customers have been thrilled with this producers' Cinsault in recent months. Great stories and award-winning wines are the order of the day at Natte Valleij!

P.O.W – 2012
Wine made with minimal intervention, guiding beautiful grapes into characterful wines.

4 years of trail, error, and refinement went into the creation of this blend before it was felt good enough to bring to market. P.O.W. stands for "Prisoner of War" and this beautiful wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, with dollops of Malbec/Petit Verdot. An Italian prisoner of War - captured in Abyssinia by South African troops, was exiled to the Cape to spend the duration of the war on the grounds of Natte Valleij...Read More

Natte Valleij Rouge – NV (yes! non-vintage!)
For the “Rouge”, Alex has explained: “Winemakers are often met by a barrel that doesn’t quit fit the blend one is trying to make. We keep these ‘wild child’ barrels out of the blend, but given time they mature into mature and delicious wines”.

It is with these barrels that this blend of Cabernet Sauvginon (63%), Merlot (25%) and Shiraz (12%) is made. Primarily from 2 vintages, 2001 & 2012, and aged in barrel between 14 to 20 months.

It’s soft and sumptuous, dark red in colour with fresh red berry fruit and hints of tea-leaf. This is delicious claret-style wine that’s perfect for friends, family and even the In-Laws!...Read More


Gamay so good, you could be fooled into thinking it's Pinot Noir Jean-Claude Lapalu assumed control of just under 30 acres of Gamay from his father in 1996, and made his first commercial wines in 2000. His eight parcels of east and southeast facing vines are scattered from Mont Brouilly south through the rolling hills of Odenas and his hometown of Saint-Etienne-la-Varenne.

Jean-Claude's most significant early influence came from Jules Chauvet, France's Father of Natural Winemaking, and Jean-Claude is committed to a strict biodynamic regimen. The domaine received its organic certification from Ecocert with the 2010 vintage.

Jean-Claude produces small lots of six distinct Gamays, each expressing different aspects of the Haut- Beaujolais' diverse geology. Domaine Lapalu made its debut in La Revue du Vin's annual Classement des Meilleurs Vins de France (Best Wines of France) in 2009...Read More


Luscious and juicy Chardonnay from its spiritual home in France Many would argue that Chablis has been the modern success story for white Burgundy, and even for Chardonnay generally on the world-wide stage. As a result many producers of Chablis now do so on huge commercial scales…resulting in lower quality examples at cheap prices. Not so in the case of Domaine Tremblay! Situated in the village of Poinchy, the family has been producing fine Chablis for five generations. The terroir, Kimmeridgean clay, is composed of fossilised and compressed oyster shells that were present when the ocean covered this part of the world. Widely considered ideal for the production of fine Chardonnay.

This is really old-fashioned Chablis. Abundant and generous, ample and persistent, the aromas and flavours have developed very rapidly; green apple, pear and tarragon are present, followed by a whisper of honeysuckle. Insanely good with something quite rich and sweet, such as scallops, white meats, and
shellfish platter...Read More


Crisp and clean organic Sauvignon Blanc, exemplifying why Sancerre is world famous The 9.8 ha domaine enjoys exceptional flint stone terroir which allows for heat to be reflected back on to the vines thus helping the process of ripening to perfection. They've recently undertaken a programme to
respect the local ecosystem and will finish a total conversion to organic viticulture this year.

Sancerre is arguably France's Sauvignon Blanc answer to Chablis and chardonnay. It's an extremely well known appellation, well marketed, and as a result much Sancerre is produced on massive commercial levels. Not so with Domaine Gerard Fiou, who farm to extremely small yields of just 35 hl/ha – just half the average for Sancerre. A "must have" for anyone who enjoys the "white savage"...Read More



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