Amani means “Place of peace” in Swahili, and this small producer on the Kanonkop in Stellenbosch Hills is exactly that. Owned by the Myer’s family, originally from Oklahoma and heavily involved in SA horse-racing scene, the wines first debuted in 1997 and immediately scooped a Double Gold at Veritas. Growing from strength to strength the Award Cabinet continued to fill under the very talented wine-maker Carmen Stevens. Amani gained an enviable permanent listing on the Blue Train.

Sadly, in 2012 the family decided to return to the USA and the farm was sold. The new owners are yet to develop the land, but in the meantime their wines continue to age under perfect conditions in the farms cellar. Frogitt & Vonkel have exclusive access to the remaining wines. Some in barrel, some in tank, a few in bottle. Their reds and rose remain consistently some of our best-selling wines to date and we thoroughly recommend you try them… before they’re no more.