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Catchpole & Co Woodward Ridge Merlot 2013

“Specially selected premium Merlot, 18 months barrel maturation and otherwise unavailable anywhere else in the world”

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Style: Red
Varietal: Merlot
Country: South Africa | Stellenbosch
750ml ABV. 13.5%

Good Merlot is tricky to find in SA, especially good Merlot at an everyday price. Due to our partnership with The Winery of Good Hope we found the ultimate solution. This particular wine is crafted each year as a component of the Radford Dale ‘Gravity’, an award-winning red blend, and The Wineries flagship. Each year the best Merlot fruit is hand-selected and placed in tank for fermentation with only gravity crushing the grapes. The free-run juice is then transferred to oak for maturation. Once the final blend of ‘Gravity’ is assembled, F&V are given access to the remaining wine, of which we selected the best barrels to assemble of Woodward Ridge Merlot. You simply couldn’t make Merlot of this complexity at this price any other way.

Woodward Ridge Merlot comes with a bespoke pairing recipe, Braised Lamb Samoosas, created by our Consulting Chef Craig Cormack.

There are a lot of big flavours in this dish, which the Woodward Ridge Merlot stands up to nicely and compliments. The shredded lamb takes a little more effort than plain lamb, but is seriously worth it. They’re great as starters, or as incredible nibbles for something a little less formal. Chef Craig Cormack has exceeded himself yet again. We love: Both the samoosa’s and wine deliver big flavours, and the garlic Gremolata freshens the whole experience. Mouth-wateringly good. Alternative pairings: Try this dish also with Major’s Hill Merlot, or even Radford Dale’s ‘Gravity’. Pastry Puff Pastry – shop bought 1 egg for Egg wash Braised Lamb Lamb shoulder- 500grams Water 2 Onions, chopped 300grams Button Mushrooms, sliced 2 table spoons butter 3 sprigs Thyme Salt for seasoning Method Simmer the lamb shoulder in the water for 4 hours till soft. Keep a little of the water. In a pan... Get the recipe here
This fantastic recipe was supplied to us by Natte Valleij wine estate’s owner/winemaker Alex Milner. The recipe originally comes from rural France where Alex spent time learning his craft as few years ago. Alex reminisces: “I first discovered Cinsault while doing a harvest in Provence, France in 2005. Around the same time I made another wonderful discovery which was the French classic Chicken Chasseur, which literally means Hunter’s Chicken. We were fed this regularly at lunch time during the harvest and it went down a treat amongst us hungry workers and the dish is now a regular feature on the table at Natte Valleij.” We love: This dish is simple and easy to prepare, and just as delicious for lunch as it is for supper. Being strongly flavoured with tomatoes and mushrooms, it really suits the higher-acidity reds like Natte Valleij Cinsault. Plus: You can’t get better than the winemakers... Get the recipe here
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