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Domaine Gérard Fiou Sancerre Blanc 2017

“Crisp and clean organic Sauvignon Blanc, exemplifying why Sancerre is world famous”

R699.00 per bottle (South Africa)

R708.12 per bottle (Namibia)

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Style: White
Varietal: Null
Country: France | Saint Satur
750ml ABV. 13
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Sancerre is arguably France’s Sauvignon Blanc answer to Chablis and Chardonnay.  It’s an extremely well-known appellation, well-marketed, and as a result much Sancerre is produced on massive commercial levels.  Not so with Domaine Gerard Fiou, who farm to extremely small yields of just 35 hl/ha – just half the average for Sancerre.

With superb balance, a delicate and harmonious expression all its elegance grows with each sip taken.  A “must have” for anyone who enjoys the “white savage”.