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Alta Alella Blanc De Neu 2016

R489.00 (South Africa)
R495.38 (Namibia)
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Black Pearl Mischief Maker 2015

R145.00 (South Africa)
R146.89 (Namibia)
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Catchpole & Co Chardonnay 2018

R90.00 (South Africa)
R91.17 (Namibia)
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Catchpole & Co Chenin Blanc 2018

R89.00 (South Africa)
R90.16 (Namibia)
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Catchpole & Co Tresor Epice 2012

R252.00 (South Africa)
R255.29 (Namibia)
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Catchpole & Co Tresor Juane 2014

R182.00 (South Africa)
R184.37 (Namibia)
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Catchpole & Co Woodward Ridge Merlot 2013

R188.00 (South Africa)
R190.45 (Namibia)
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Corporate Gift Packs

R1 274.15 (South Africa)
R1 290.77 (Namibia)
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Fairbridge Natural Sweet N/V

R80.99 (South Africa)
R82.05 (Namibia)
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Fat Barrel Steen Chenin Sparkling 2016

R109.00 (South Africa)
R110.42 (Namibia)
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Gabriëlskloof Les Dangereux Pack

R1 104.15 (South Africa)
R1 118.55 (Namibia)
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Gabriëlskloof Tresòr pack

R2 299.00 (South Africa)
R2 328.99 (Namibia)
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Hilton The Dalmatian Syrah Reserve 2014

R677.01 (South Africa)
R685.84 (Namibia)
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Hilton The Emperor Probus Reserve Viognier 2016

R537.00 (South Africa)
R544.00 (Namibia)
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Hogan Habibi Red Blend 2017

R585.00 (South Africa)
R592.63 (Namibia)
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Hogan Habibti Chenin Blanc 2017

R521.00 (South Africa)
R527.80 (Namibia)
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Kings Kloof Semillon 2016

R150.00 (South Africa)
R151.96 (Namibia)
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Labeye Grenache Syrah 2016

R209.95 (South Africa)
R212.69 (Namibia)
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Lacourte Godbillon Demi Sec

R709.00 (South Africa)
R718.25 (Namibia)
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Land Of Hope Chardonnay 2018

R111.00 (South Africa)
R112.45 (Namibia)
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Land Of Hope Syrah 2017

R132.00 (South Africa)
R133.72 (Namibia)
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Major’s Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

R169.00 (South Africa)
R171.20 (Namibia)
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Major’s Hill Merlot 2013

R169.00 (South Africa)
R171.20 (Namibia)
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Major’s Hill Pinotage 2014

R169.00 (South Africa)
R171.20 (Namibia)
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Major’s Hill Shiraz 2013

R169.00 (South Africa)
R171.20 (Namibia)
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Mariëtte Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

R460.00 (South Africa)
R466.00 (Namibia)
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Natte Valleij Cinsault Collector’s Pack

R1 208.70 (South Africa)
R1 224.47 (Namibia)
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Nelson Dad’s Blend 2012

R282.00 (South Africa)
R285.68 (Namibia)
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Nelson Family Vineyards Rosé 2018

R84.00 (South Africa)
R85.10 (Namibia)
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Opstal Cellars Hanepoot

R122.00 (South Africa)
R123.59 (Namibia)
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Platter Pack 2018

R3 360.00 (South Africa)
R3 403.83 (Namibia)
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Radford Dale Antithesis Reserve Syrah 2013

R262.00 (South Africa)
R265.42 (Namibia)
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Radford Dale Freedom Pinot Noir 2011 Magnum

R999.00 (South Africa)
R1 012.03 (Namibia)
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Radford Dale Gravity 2011

R412.00 (South Africa)
R417.37 (Namibia)
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Radford Dale Renaissance Chenin Blanc 2017

R269.45 (South Africa)
R272.96 (Namibia)
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Radford Dale Shiraz 2010 Magnum

R749.00 (South Africa)
R758.77 (Namibia)
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Radford Dale The Antidote Gamay 2017

R369.00 (South Africa)
R373.81 (Namibia)
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Rainbow’s End – Cabernet Franc 2016

R326.00 (South Africa)
R330.25 (Namibia)
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Remhoogte Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

R520.00 (South Africa)
R526.78 (Namibia)
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Remhoogte Reserve Syrah 2016

R467.50 (South Africa)
R473.60 (Namibia)
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Ridgelands Syrah 2011 Flat Pack

R1 440.00 (South Africa)
R1 458.78 (Namibia)
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Rivendell Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2017

R190.00 (South Africa)
R192.48 (Namibia)
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Tanzanite Brut Rosé

R268.00 (South Africa)
R271.50 (Namibia)
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The Granite Ridge Reserve 2016

R125.00 (South Africa)
R126.63 (Namibia)
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Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc 2017

R322.15 (South Africa)
R326.35 (Namibia)
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Villion Pinot Noir 2015

R240.00 (South Africa)
R243.13 (Namibia)
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Yalumba The Strapper 2015

R469.00 (South Africa)
R475.12 (Namibia)
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