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Black Pearl Chenin Blanc 2018

R100.00 (South Africa)
R101.30 (Namibia)
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Blue Crane Sauvignon Blanc 2017

R88.00 (South Africa)
R89.15 (Namibia)
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Bosman Family Vineyards Pinot Gris 2018

R200.00 (South Africa)
R202.61 (Namibia)
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Bosman Family Vineyards White Blend 2017

R220.00 (South Africa)
R222.87 (Namibia)
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Catchpole & Co Chardonnay 2018

R90.00 (South Africa)
R91.17 (Namibia)
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Catchpole & Co Chenin Blanc 2018

R89.00 (South Africa)
R90.16 (Namibia)
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Hilton Vineyards ‘The Ancient’ Viognier 2017

R500.00 (South Africa)
R506.52 (Namibia)
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Hogan Habibti Chenin Blanc 2017

R454.00 (South Africa)
R459.92 (Namibia)
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Labeye Viognier 2015

R206.00 (South Africa)
R208.69 (Namibia)
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Land Of Hope Chardonnay 2018

R111.00 (South Africa)
R112.45 (Namibia)
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Onderkloof Chardonnay 2017

R150.00 (South Africa)
R151.96 (Namibia)
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Onderkloof Floreal Blanc de Blanc 2018

R136.00 (South Africa)
R137.77 (Namibia)
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Onderkloof Sauvignon Blanc 2018

R150.00 (South Africa)
R151.96 (Namibia)
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Radford Dale Crux Chardonnay 2017

R292.00 (South Africa)
R295.81 (Namibia)
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Rivendell Sauvignon Blanc 2015

R140.00 (South Africa)
R141.83 (Namibia)
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Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc 2017

R379.00 (South Africa)
R383.94 (Namibia)
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Wildehurst Viognier 2018

R180.00 (South Africa)
R182.35 (Namibia)
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