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Pinot Noir


Chateau de Chamirey Mercurey 2013

R707.00 (South Africa)
R722.50 (Namibia)
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Land of Hope Reserve Pinot Noir 2014

R200.00 (South Africa)
R204.39 (Namibia)
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Nautilus Estate Pinot Noir 2014

R681.00 (South Africa)
R695.93 (Namibia)
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Opawa Pinot Noir 2015

R490.00 (South Africa)
R500.75 (Namibia)
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Radford Dale – Freedom Pinot Noir 2016

R337.00 (South Africa)
R344.39 (Namibia)
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Ridgelands Pinot Noir 2011

R280.00 (South Africa)
R286.14 (Namibia)
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