Alella is Spain’s smallest “ward” at just 230 Ha total, with just 8 producers. Alta’s vineyards sit on the outskirts of Barcelona and overlook the Mediterranean Sea. Wine has been produced here since the ancient Romans, and was noted by Pliny the Elder (AD 23-78 approx), when they were known as “vins de Laietans” (the pre-Roman civilisation of the area).

During the Middle Ages the Alella wines were the official purveyors of wine to the Crown of Aragon. Truly a royal history, and seal of approval!

In 1990 Josep Maria Pujol-Busquets and his wife Cristina Guillén purchased and transformed an old Art-Deco estate and began planting the now 17 Ha of vineyards. Organic farming and production are employed, thus preserving the biodiversity of the surrounding Natural Park. The EU “Certified Organic” legislation excludes all treatments with pesticides and herbicides. Therefore, many of the techniques used are as ancient as winemaking itself.

The unique bottle shape for the Cava Gran Reserva used to be for the still white wine served at the Court of the King. The bottle shape disappeared into history and Josep Maria redesigned it with an Italian glassmaker to adapt for sparkling wine (pressure), and is patented exclusively for Alta Alella. How’s that for exclusivity!