If you have visited McGregor recently you almost certainly will have spotted a tiny winery in the centre of the town. And when we say tiny, we mean it. No bigger than a double-car garage. It’s home to Ilse Schutte’s “Bemind” and some really exciting wines have started flowing out its doors.

Ilse, having studied winemaking at the University of Stellenbosch embarked 16 years ago on a career that spanned many of SA’s well known and respected wine brands. Having moved to McGregor and met her husband, the opportunity arose to finally build the “micro” cellar/winery she has always dreamed of.

Ilse sources fruit from some of the best producers almost exclusively from McGregor itself and makes wines in quantities otherwise commercially unviable. We found her through her work with the garagiste association and instantly fell in love with her wines and brand.tions in the 21st century.