COHIBA is the leading luxury brand of cigars in the world, and is owned 50% by the Tabacuba (the Cuban national cigars company) and 50% by Asian investors, of which that 50% is managed by Spanish brand manager via Habanos SA.

Habanos is allowed to licence the Cohiba brand to other non-tobacco luxury brands of distinction.

Marques de Tomares, a premium producer in the sought-after Rioja Alta region has been licenced exclusively worldwide to produce two wines of distinction. A Reserva and a Grand Reserva. Quantities produced are tiny, and essentially target the Cohiba Atmosphere Clubs of Asia, and small allocations are granted to wine merchants with sufficient calibre of clientele in key markets.
Frogitt & Vonkel are delighted to have been awarded such an allocation and to oversee the distribution of just 63 bottles in Africa.