3 of the country’s rock-star wine producers, who also happen to be close friends, were travelling together through Burgundy and the Rhone in France. As one might expect, both the days and nights were filled with extensive ‘tastings’ which brought forth great conversations.

Those three producers were Alex Dale (The Winery of Good Hope/Radford Dale), Gary Jordan (Jordan) and Paul Cluver Jnr. (Paul Cluver) and the topic discussed was the insistence of SA wineries producing Bordeaux style wines from Bordeaux varietals, when all evidence pointed towards the cultivars and styles of the Mediterranean being the better fit.

All 3 producers had vineyards planted with Shiraz in unique and contrasting terroirs that were producing acclaimed wines. The die was cast. As an exercise in producing expressive and exceptional South African Shiraz the 3 would combine efforts and create a true, once only, ‘concept wine’.

Frogitt & Vonkel are proud to offer our customers the only commercial release direct from Alex Dale’s cellars.