Introducing the best-selling Catchpole & Co Woodward Ridge Unwooded Chardonnay in Magnum

The old adage ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ may apply to a lot of things; a Habanero chilli, a diamond ring – hell – even Tom Cruise. But if we’re talking wine, I think we can agree it’s one case where the size of the bottle certainly does matter, and where less is never more.

With this in mind, we would like to present to you our wildly popular Catchpole & Co Woodward Ridge Unwooded Chardonnay, now available in a Magnum bottle (1.5ltr).

Why a Magnum?

Simple: who can deny the show-stopping appeal of an impressively large bottle on the dinner table? Magnums are brilliant for entertaining; instead of cracking open two bottles of your favourite vino, bring along a Magnum. These big bottles lend themselves to not only being superb ice-breakers and party-kickstarters, but are practical as well.

They’re exactly twice the size of regain 750ml bottles, and therefore serve twice as many guests. It’s a simply question of looking great and catering to more people.

Back to the wine…

Boasting a cult following, our Woodward Ridge Unwooded Chardonnay is popular with Chardonnay fans and non-fans alike. Crafted from a blend of Chardonnays from two complimentary locations – the rich limestone soils of Robertson in the Breede River Valley and the ocean-facing Stellenbosch ­– the Woodward Ridge Chard features a lighter, unoaked finish; a departure from the traditionally heavier wooded styles. The marriage of oak and Chardonnay is a famous one. When done correctly the two flavours match beautifully. Unfortunately, as the varietal gained in popularity and production increased many producers began masking inferior Chardonnay juice with lashings of oak. With this example the aim was to highlight the wonderful characteristics and flavours of the grapes themselves.

This wine is an easy-drinking and elegant. It’s our all-time best-selling Chardonnay and never fails to please a crowd.

There’s a limited bottling run this year of just 360 Magnums of the Chardonnay, and as the other wines in the Woodward Ridge range become ready for bottling we’ll be adding Magnum’s in those runs as well. Keep your eyes and ears open for the Woodward Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon soon.

And at only R150 a Magnum, it’s great value for money as well.

If you’re planning to entertain and want to try out the Magnum format, this particular wine has had a bespoke recipe designed specifically to compliment it by our Consulting Chef Craig Cormack. Craig created a mouthwatering Butternut Gnocchi and you can get that recipe here.

Of course you may well just be tempted by the wine in the usual 750ml “regular” bottles. In which case we still offer that here.