A rare producer for Rioja, La Emperatriz is a single vineyard estate. Situated in the far north-west of the D.O, the site also benefits from extremely poor soil and hard ground covered in a carpet of white rocks. Perfect for premium red wine grapes, especially Tempranillo.

The estate is named after its original owner, The Empress of France. Wife of Napoleon III and mother of the Prince Imperial.
The Prince Imperial having served in the British Army following his fathers defeat by Germany, and exiled to England. It was whilst serving as a Lieutenant attached to the Royal Engineers he met his untimely death here in South Africa during a skirmish with Zulu’s in 1879.

The current owners purchased the property in 1996 and returned the farms focus back to wine. 20 years on they boast no fewer than 22 of Gold and Silver medals since the 2005 vintage.
Wine Advocate named them one of “5 Young Guns of Rioja” this year.