There are a lot of big flavours in this dish, which the Woodward Ridge Merlot stands up to nicely and compliments. The shredded lamb takes a little more effort than plain lamb, but is seriously worth it. They’re great as starters, or as incredible nibbles for something a little less formal. Chef Craig Cormack has exceeded himself yet again.

We love: Both the samoosa’s and wine deliver big flavours, and the garlic Gremolata freshens the whole experience. Mouth-wateringly good.

Alternative pairings: Try this dish also with Major’s Hill Merlot, or even Radford Dale’s ‘Gravity’.


Puff Pastry – shop bought

1 egg for Egg wash

Braised Lamb

Lamb shoulder- 500grams


2 Onions, chopped

300grams Button Mushrooms, sliced

2 table spoons butter

3 sprigs Thyme

Salt for seasoning


Simmer the lamb shoulder in the water for 4 hours till soft. Keep a little of the water.

In a pan melt the butter and sauté onions. Put to one side.

Shred the meat into strips. Add the mushrroms and thyme to the sauté onions and heat through.

Toss together and season.

Allow the mix to cool down before folding the samoosa pastry. You want the pasty cut into squares, which you will fill and fold into triangles.

Egg wash to seal.


½ small Garlic clove, grated/ minced.

½ zest from half a lemon.

Parsley 8 sprigs, finely chopped.

Mix the above ingredients together.


Taking some water from the meat (as above) add 30ml of the wine and 15 grams of butter. Simmer until reduced to the desired thickness.

Lastly deep fry the samoosas and sprinkle the gremolata over. Dizzle with jus (or serve as a dip).