Chef Craig Cormack says “Trout always works well with Chenin Blanc, and the Woodward Ridge was no exception. The wine balances the trout flavours with its acidity and the broth just adds to the freshness”. Yum.


Whilst this dish was created especially for the Catchpole & Co. Woodward Ridge Chenin Blanc, it makes a wonderful pairing with any of Frogitt & Vonkel’s Chenin’s.


We love: Such a simple dish to recreate at home, and the broth element just adds another dimension. A perfect summer dish!


Alternative pairings: We especially recommend trying it with Radford Dale ‘Renaissance’ or Land of Hope Reserve Chenin Blanc, too.


Catchpole & Co. Woodward Ridge Chenin Blanc


Pan-Fried Trout in its own Broth

With seared Asparagus, Cabbage and Potatoes



Bones of the trout

1 Liter water

1 Onion, 1 Carrot, 1 Leek stalk and 1 Celery stalk, all roughly chopped



Add all the above ingredients together in a pot and simmer for 40 mins, strain off the stock and reduce by half.



12 stalks Asparagus

2 heads of Savoy cabbage

2 Potatoes, cut into desired shapes



Sear the savoy cabbage in a hot pan with olive oil. Remove from the pan and place the asparagus in the same pan to sear before serving.

Peel potatoes then cut potatoes in cubes or cylindrical shapes.

Blanche the potatoes so a knife easily penetrates them. Then seal / sear in the same pan as the asparagus and savoy cabbage (below).


Fresh Trout (whole)

1x 800 grams trout (bones to be used for stock)

20 ml Vegetable Oil

Chives, finely chopped



Fillet and debone the two sides.

Sear the skin side of the trout first for 4 minutes then turn the trout on the other side and sear for a further 4 minutes.

Pull the skin off, then remove the pan from the heat and allow the trout to rest for 3 minutes before serving.


Ladle the broth into a shallow serving bowl and add the seared vegetable.

Place the Trout on top, then drizzle with olive oil and a sprinkling of chives.


You can buy the Catchpole & Co. Woodward Ridge Chenin Blanc here, but why not talk to a Private Wine Merchant™?


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