This fantastic desert recipe comes to you from Tanzanite Wine’s winemaker and owner Melanie van der Merwe. It’s straight from the van der Merwe’s own kitchen, simple to make and a real treat. It’s cooked in Tanzanite Brut Rosé and the combination of flavours are perfectly balanced and connected.

We love: the crispiness of the bubbly and the sweetness compliment each other brilliantly. And you can’t get better than the winemakers own recipe!

Alternative pairing: This is built for the Tanzanite, but it does work well also with Amani Poppy Blush.


Tanzanite Brut Rosé MCC

Rosé Poached Pears

with Walnut Mascarpone.




1 Vanilla Pod

4 Pears, peeled

125g sugar

Dash of lemon juice

2 glasses Tanzanite Rosé for the pudding (and 2 for the cook!)

200g peeled Pecan Nuts

255g Mascarpone



Preheat the oven to 220ºC.

Cut down the length of the vanilla pod and remove the seeds.

Put the pears into a tight-fitting ovenproof pot or pan, add the 125g of sugar, rosé, vanilla pod and seeds, lemon juice and bring to the boil.

Sprinkle over half the walnuts and then put in the oven to bake. Every so often, baste the pears with the syrup they are cooking in. Cook for around 20 to 30 minutes until the pears are tender, then remove from the oven and allow to cool while you roast the remaining walnuts on a baking tray in the oven.

Remove the vanilla pod from the syrup.

When the walnuts are done, whiz them in a food processor or chop/crush them into a fine paste.

Whip up the mascarpone with the walnut paste, and add sugar to taste.


The crispiness of the bubbly and the sweetness of the dish will compliment each other beautifully.


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