This is a simple yet delicious dish that is sure to impress, but will leave you plenty of time to enjoy the wine instead of slaving in the kitchen.

Chef Craig Cormack developed this recipe to work seamlessly with the Woodward Ridge Chardonnay-Pinot Noir. Craig says “The fresh acidity of this wine works well with the oiliness of the fish, and the added twist of Pinot Noir in the blend compliments the earthiness of the peas extremely well”.

We love: Looks and tastes exotic, but it’s deceptively simple. The pairing itself is a match made in heaven.

Alternative pairings: Try this recipe with a focus on Pinot Noir and go with the Radford Dale Freedom (served slightly chilled).


Catchpole & Co. Woodward Ridge Chardonnay-Pinot Noir

Seared Trout

With Spaetzle, pea salad, marrows and macadamia oil


Pea salad

½ onion, diced

250grams Peas

2 Tomatoes cut

50ml Macadamia oil

Salt and pepper for seasoning



Score the tomatoes several times on one side and place in boiling water for 20 seconds.

Remove from the water and refresh in ice water (to arrest the cooking).

Peel tomatoes, cut into cubes and de-seed.


Mix the above ingredients, with the tomatoes, in a bowl and season to taste.


Pea puree

2 red onions

100ml Butter

500grams Peas

300ml water

Salt for seasoning



Sauté onions in the butter gently on a medium heat for 10 minutes.

Add peas and 300ml of water in a pot, bring to the boil. Then blend immediately with onions, season well and pass through a fine sieve.



250grams Peas

50grams Butter

3x Marrows, cut into cubes

Salt for seasoning


In a pan sear the marrows in butter and season (both sides). Remove the marrows from the pan then add the peas to the pan.

Finish off with butter and salt.



250grams flour

250ml  milk

2 eggs

½ teaspoon ground nutmeg

4 litres hot water

1 pinch of freshly ground white pepper

Salt for seasoning

60 grams Butter



Mix together the flour, salt, white pepper and nutmeg then beat the eggs well, adding alternately with the milk to the dry ingredients. Mix until smooth.

Press the dough through a spaetzle maker or a large holed sieve.

Drop a few at a time into simmering water. Cook for 5 to 8 minutes. Drain well.

Sauté cooked spaetzel in butter before serving.



110grams fresh trout (cleaned, pin boned and skin off)

30ml vegetable oil

5 grams finely chopped Parsley

50 grams melted butter

Salt for seasoning



Season trout with a little salt, then sear in a hot pan with the vegetable oil, presentation side down for one minute, then flip and sear for a minute skin side down.

Garnish with a little melted butter and Parsley.



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