When we went looking for an Italian producer that fit the usual boutique criteris of Frogitt & Vonkel we hit gold with this discovery.

First and foremost the outstanding consistency of quality across the range appealed to us, and then the romantic story of lovers (Mirko & Stefania) escaping the rat-race to restore an ancient farmhouse and cellar in the idyllic village of Montemagno (“Big Hill”). Founded in the year 1000, the village itself is a journey back in time, with day to day life over-looked by the hamlet’s original castle. Viti and viniculture date back to the days of Rome, and the vines draw their lines on the sun-drenched, clay and calcareous hills.

Italy has one of the highest per capita consumption rates. With over 350 “authorized” cultivars and a further 500 unofficial, the breadth and depth of outstanding wine (and wine adventures!) from Italy is mindboggling. We are extremely excited to be offering our customers the opportunity of drinking some of the finest examples, but also to experience small-grower excellence exactly as if we were living the Italian life ourselves.