This is a tiny family-owned estate in the heart of Champagne in the village of Ecuiel (situated in Montagne de Reims, between Reims and Epernay). Monsieur Lacourte is a 5th Generation winemaker and has been the driving force and passion behind some of the best Champagne Frogitt & Vonkel has ever had. His cellar is built under the family home and all the bottles are turned by hand twice a day personally. His children now run the farm and we have remained loyal to them and their fabulous Champagnes for over 10 years. They specialize in 2 varietals – Pinot Noir (famed in Ecuiel) and Chardonnay.

In France, despite Champagne mega-brands, the tradition is to buy from small producers, often via personal relationships going back over generations. Our connection with Lacourte-Godbillion means now F&V customers can drink the same fantastic Champagnes the French treat themselves with.