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“1912 Vines” Sauvignon Gris – 2016

Farm: Casa Silva

Ultra-rare Sauvignon Gris from 100 year-old vines, grown at the foot of the Andes mountains.

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Style: White
Varietal: Sauvignon Gris
Country: Chile | Colchagua Valley
750ml ABV. 13%

Yes, you read right. This is one of the ONLY Sauvignon Gris available in the World for sale!   In 1998 the Silva family discovered healthy Sauvignon Gris vines growing in one of the original vineyards on the farm (planted in 1912). The wine is now made in very limited quantities from these vines and some others, planted from the original material, in their coastal vineyards (cooler climate, depth of wine).

The varietal is thought to be an older relative of Sauvignon Blanc… but there is much debate about which came first. Originally grown in France, it has fallen out of favour as although it produces beautiful wine, the cultivar is extremely low yielding. There are some private bottlings of the grape in Grave (Bordeaux).