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Black Pearl Mourvedre 2014

This rare example of single varietal Mourvedre is the result not reading competition rules properly. Probably a one-off, but we hope not!

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Style: Red
Varietal: Null
Country: South Africa | Paarl
Award(s): 4 Star Platter's Guide
750ml ABV. 14%

A “happy mistake” from our perspective. Mary-Lou produced this wine specifically to enter into a prestigious SA wine competition’s “unusual” category. Having nutured the vines to get the best fruit, she then set about the labour of love required to create just 2,000 bottles of a seriously delicious Mouverdre. Then it came time to enter the wine into the competition. But glory was not to find her this time. Somehow, Mary-Lou had misread the rules of the intended category and the wine did not fit! This is a brilliant example of the classic Rhone varietal, grown in its preferred climate; the notoriously dry heat of the Swartland. The wine has been hand-crafted with minimal vineyard interference, in order to retain the naturally distinctive characteristics.
Had Mary-Lou read the Rules more carefully, this fantastic wine would never have been created!

4 Star Platter's Guide