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Black Pearl Vineyards – Oro 2015

Beautiful boutique red-blend from American Cape winemaster Mary-Lou Nash.

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Style: Red
Varietal: Red Blend
Country: South Africa | Paarl
Award(s): 4 Star Platter
750ml ABV. 15%

Seductive blend of 55% Cabernet Sauvignon and 42% Shiraz. Medium-bodied, this classy wine is ready to drink now but shows promise of development over years to come. Furthermore, it remains a favourite at Disney in the USA.

Here’s another great recipe pairing that’s come straight from the winemakers herself. Mary-Lou and father Lance swear by this farm-style recipe as the ideal companion for their Black Pearl ‘Oro’ red blend. For the purposes of the photo above, we had Chef Craig Cormack cook it for us and we’re converted! Many people shy away from kidneys, but in reality there a delicious alternative to red meat, and literally packed full of flavor. We Love: At F&V we believe you just can’t beat a recipe that’s come from the farm where the wine is made. This dish is the ying to the wines yang. Alternative Pairing: also goes great with Woodward Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon. Lamb Kidneys in Red Wine Sauce On mashed potatoes Ingredients: 0.4 Kg Lamb Kidneys, chopped into bit size pieces 1 Medium red onion, sliced 2 Tbsp Diced bacon 2 Tsp Canola oil 1/3 Cup kidney stock... Get the recipe here
4 Star Platter