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Bodega Gutierrez Colosia Oloroso Sangre y Trabajadero

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Style: White
Country: Spain | El Marco
750ml ABV. 18

Oloroso Sherry is made from the white Palomino grape, however due to the exposure of oxygen the wine turns mahogany with a green tinged rim.

Alcohol is added as 17C to prevent the development of the veil of flor. (known as fortification)

The wine is exposed to oxygen over time which results in hints of toast, walnuts and old wood.

This Sherry was bottled from an older solera.

Savoury truffle notes are apparent on the palate which could indicate the humidity of the bodega.

“Sangre”, meaning blood refers to Blood Street which adjoined the central market in El Puerto de Santa Maria.  This is where the butchers were located.

The ‘Trabajadero’ was the part of the Bodegas Cuvillo cooperage on the Calle Sangre where the butts for export were branded with the name of the customer