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Cormack HJC Syrah 2015

“When one of SA’s leading chefs turns their hand to winemaking. Delicate and fresh on the palate, good structure and very fine tannins add to this velvety smooth Syrah.”

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Style: Red
Varietal: Shiraz Syrah
Country: South Africa | Cape Winelands
750ml ABV. 15%

Situated between the stunning Bottelary Hills, the age of these vineyards led to a very rare, absolutely stunning smooth Syrah. The wine is not your typical pepper driven Shiraz pending on the wine making, it is an absolute one of a kind and the result of working on a small-scale with very mature (1977 plantings) vines. Be sure to order yours in time, as stock will not last. Fantastic price.

Goes great with: Cormack HJC Syrah.   Beetroot and Mushroom Textures   INGREDIENTS:   For the Beetroot Puree: Salt 50 ml Olive Oil 2 Beetroots   For the Golden Beetroot Pickled: 1 bunch of golden baby beetroots 50ml Water 50ml Vinegar 2 teaspoons Salt 2 teaspoons Sugar   For the Diced Beetroot Blocks: 2 Tablespoons Salt 15ml Olive Oil 2 Large Beetroots Salt to taste   For the Candied Beetroot for Garnish: 1 bunch of candied beets Ice cold Water   METHOD:   For the Beetroot Puree: Boil the 2 Beetroots and peel them Place them in a blender and blend until you have a smooth texture Add the olive oil to give it a velvety texture Season with Salt   For the Golden Beetroot Pickled: Boil the golden baby beetroots until they are soft Now make the pickling liquid by pouring the water in the pot and add the... Get the recipe here