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G. 2015

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Now in its forth glorious vintage, G. aims (and succeeds) in being the first ‘First Growth’ of the Cape. Created through a total no compromise approach, no more than 5,000 bottles are produced annually, and often much less. No collection of South African fine wine is complete without G.

The best vintage so far, and again the best and highest rated red wine from South Africa.
In a professional blind tasting in Hamburg, Germany, the G. 2014 won over all Bordeaux First Growths (including the 100 Parker point Pingus). This is a result that only compares with the legendary 1975 Judgement of Paris, where the same happened to some of the Napa Valley wines, today icons out of reach. The tasting result will be published in December 2017 in international wine media (unoffical rating for the G. 2014: 19.5/20).

67 IMIZUZU is a secret reference to the Father of this country. The label, again handmade by famous Sebastian Blinde, details many elements that are specific to his home and his life.

R7 249.00 per unit (South Africa)

R7 469.62 per unit (Namibia)

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Style: Red
Varietal: Red Blend
Country: South Africa | Cape Winelands
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Crafted from a total ‘no compromise’ approach

First it was decided to work with 5 cultivars, essentially those of Bordeaux but including Syrah as it thrives in the Cape.

It was agreed that ideally no more than 5,000 bottles would be made each vintage.

The best 15 vineyard plots from across the Cape were identified, then the very best
vines within those plots identified. Those vines were then leased from their owners under strict conditions.

Between x10 to x20 the usual effort is employed in nurturing the vines, with a a yield of around just 900 grams versus a typical 10 kilos.

Harvesting is done in teams of three persons. 1 cuts, 1 holds the crate and the third ferries the fruit from the vineyard. Berries are strictly stacked single-layer in the crates.

Fruit selection is done by hand, by experts, and only new French 1st fill barrels are used.

Barrels are imported from 7 of the best French coopers with various degrees of toasting.

Barrels are then tasted and graded between 1 to 3 stars. Any barrel scoring 1-star is
completely discarded, with 3-star barrels becoming the backbone of each vintage. Should a vintage fail to produce enough 3-star barrels, then there would be no G. that year.

The highest-grade bottles are used, and the corks are sourced from the same forest used by legendary Chateaux Yquim (at a cost of approx.. R100 per cork).

The label artwork is designed by Sebastian Blinde, who trained at the famous Berlin
Weisseensee school of design. The creative is a representation of African flora, fauna and wildlife and develops and changes slightly each year.

The labels are printed on gallery paper, with art-grade 5-point process.

The wine ships always in hardwood cases, each bottle protected in its own velvet and satin pouch. The full label design is laser-etched into the case lid.

What the experts say

Feedback from leading international wine experts confirms that G. receives recognition for being the First Growth of the Cape.


“100 Points put to the Test”

“A dream of a wine … providing reliable future potential.”
“Evidently there is a new cult wine emerging on the international wine market.”

Peter Moser / Ulrich Sautter
Austrian-German Wine Magazine falstaff

René Gabriel

“World class at a world class price”

“This new and still completely unknown blend… absolutely has potential to become an icon and I will reward it a well-deserved high rating.”

“Extremely concentrated palate with a clear Cabernet message sent to Harlan.”

René Gabriel
Switzerland’s foremost wine authority

Germain Lehodey

“It is like swallowing silk. This big wine should be able to age beautifully for the next 25 years… This deserves my best ever mark for a South African wine”

Germain Lehodey
Mosaic at The Orient, Pretoria

Wine Spectator

“A deft combination of power and freshness, the wine ties for highest-scoring red in this report.”

James Molesworth
Wine Spectator, May 2012

FINE Wine Magazine

“The South African Shooting Star”

“Wine experts put 4G in one category with Screaming Eagle and Opus One, the most exclusive Boutique Wineries”

“…the most promising wine of South Africa”

FINE – Das Weinmagazin, Germany, June/September 2016

John Mariani

“…This is a wonderful wine and the proprietors are doing all of the right things to get it its place among the great growths.”

John Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet Newsletter