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Hilton Vineyards The Emperor Probus Reserve Viognier 2016 Flat Pack

“Superior hand-crafted Viognier named in honour of the famous Roman who brought this varietal to the Rhone.”
100% Viognier

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Style: White
Varietal: Viognier
Country: South Africa |
750ml ABV. 14%

An exquisite Viognier made in honour of the Roman Emperor Probus; who in the year 281AD was responsible for taking the cultivar on the perilous journey from Dalmatia up to the Rhone, where it eventually found its spiritual home of today. Sparing no expense, an extraordinary winemaking process was undertaken, whereby the grapes were 100% de-stemmed, crushed and then given 2 hours of skin contact with dry ice – ensuring an intensely aromatic and deliciously round wine, that delivers an incredibly soft lingering finish. The single block where the grapes are located is on the base of the banks of the Palmiet River which has a super cool climate allowing for a precise even
bud-burst. An extremely rare clone being used, called the VR1 which is the original viognier clone of the Rhone region. Only the best grapes were selected, there was better oak integration, and this is why the reserve stands out as the ‘best of vintage’.
Extremely limited, only 600 bottles!

Aged in small French oak 2nd fill barrels for 9 months.
Expected optimum drinking 2017-2019.