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Lacourte Godbillon Premier Cru Demi Sec Champagne

“Beautiful handmade Demi-sec from sought-after Premier Cru vines in picturesque Ecuiel.”

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Style: Bubbly
Varietal: Champagne
Country: France | Eceuil
750ml ABV. 12%

Just a little more sugar lifts and makes this beautiful artisanal Champagne shine. Ideal for those who sometimes find sparkling wine too dry and/or acidic. A slightly sweeter dosage is used to great effect. Delicious and exceptionally popular off-dry champagne unveils a gorgeous nose of red fruit and floral notes from the predominance of Pinot Noir.  The mouth-feel is bright, complex and fresh with a rounded powerful complexity that ends in a smooth special cuvee of soft bubbles.

Here’s a sure-fire hit of a pairing, whether you are entertaining or just treating yourself mid-week to something tasty, healthy and easy.   Chef Craig was inspired by the unwooded fruit flavours of this Chardonnay and couldn’t resist pairing the wine with Butternut and Pinenut flavours.   We love: Such an original recipe, creating your own home-made scrummy gnocchi, with flavours that mingle and compliment the wine so well.   Alternative pairings: This dish also pairs extremely well with Freedom Walk Chardonnay, as a starter dish with Lacourte Godbillon Cuvee Vanité. Radford Dale’s ‘The Crux’ Chardonnay is also a winner here.   Catchpole & Co. Woodward Ridge Chardonnay   Fresh Gnocchi with butternut cubes and butternut puree, pine nuts   Gnocchi (4xpax) 120g Flour (including flour to roll out on) ½ Egg yolk, beaten 250g Potatoes, peeled Salt, Seasoning   Method: Boil peeled potatoes for the mash potatoes, once potatoes are soft... Get the recipe here