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L’Avenir Estate ‘Special Edition’ Rose 2015

Made for France zesty summer refresher from hand selected Pinotage and Cinsault. Lip-smacking.

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Style: Rose
Varietal: Null
Country: South Africa | Stellenbosch
750ml ABV. 13.5%

This is a seriously refreshing and zesty wine made from 100% Stellenbosch grapes grown on the farm itself. 80% Pinotage with 20% Cinsault. The Pinotage element being treated very much like it’s parent, Pinot Noir, in order to cox out the elegant flavours of the cultivar.

The wine was made exclusively for the French market, as the owners of L’Avenir are French vineyard owners who like to be the first on the market with current vintages in the Northern Hemisphere. By sending Southern Hemisphere wines North they can be the first as many French producers are still harvesting!
As far as we can find this is the only Pinotage & Cinsault blend made in SA, and therefore the world. It’s delicious!

Here’s a delicious and simple seafood recipe that pairs well with rosé wines. The Laietà Brut Nature Gran Reserva Rosé cava from Barcelona, Spain was the inspiration in this case, however you can pair it with virtually any Rosé (just not too sweet). The Laietà cava hails from Spain’s smallest D.O, Alella, in between Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. With views from the vineyard of both the city and the sea, a scrumptious seafood pairing is simply perfect for this wine. We love: How this dish can be made “posh: with fancy stock and ingredients, or done quickly and cheaply too if in a rush. The crisp acidity of the Mouverdre blush cava really cuts and compliments the richness of the bisque, with the seafood making this an authentic pairing. Alternative pairing: Any dry rosé will work well here, but we particularly recommend Tanzanite Brut Rosé MCC and Nelson’s Pinotage... Get the recipe here