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Le Renard A & A Devillard Coteaux Bourguinons 2017

“An unusual and exquisite blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir, that reflects the Devillard family’s true philosophy of maintaining the purest taste of each varietal.”

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Style: Red
Varietal: Gamay
Country: France | Burgundy
750ml ABV. 13

Incredibly fresh red wine, and something of an avant-guard blend that is sure to delight those who like to explore trends and styles. Grown in a terroir of clay and limestone, this delicate blend of 90% Gamay from the Beaujolais region and 10 % Pinot Noir comes together beautifully to create a wine of perfect harmony.  The initial palate is lively and structured, yet the tannins are silky and delicate.  Lovely deep red hue with garnet tints, a truly well-rounded wine.