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Long Dog Wines Cabernet Franc Tannat 2020

“A unique blend of noble varietals that deliver of wine of simplistic elegance and structure.”

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Style: Red
Country: South Africa | Stellenbosch
750ml ABV. 14

With only 1 acre of Cabernet Franc and half an acre of Tannat, this blend can truly be classified as boutique brilliance.

Tannat is characterized by its firm tannin structure, deep colour, and its ability to age well. Cabernet Franc, on the other hand, is a classic medium-bodied red with moderate tannins.

After hand-harvesting, the grapes were basket pressed and matured in French oak barrels for 2 years.

The blend of these two grapes makes the wine more approachable and adds to its complexity.

Long Dog is carefully blended from these noble cultivars producing a wine that is bold yet accessible, complex yet balanced.