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Natte Valleij Blanc 2016

“A crisp white blend that takes you back to the foundation of south African wine making” Hanepoot 55% Chenin Blanc 39% Crouchen Blanc(Cape Riesling) 6%

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Style: White
Varietal: White Blend
Country: South Africa | Natte Valleij
750ml ABV. 12%

This is really something that takes us back to the foundation of what has built the South African wine industry into what we know it as today. A retro white blend made of the some of the cultivars that have been forgotten about by most winemakers, but still thrive in small pockets of excellent vines. With the dominant varietal here being Hanepoot, (that dates back as far as the early 1900’s in South Africa), this wine portrays the wine makers philosophy of not letting the popularity of the wines you see on the shop-shelf determine the wines that he makes. 5% of the Hanepoot has been put through oak for 12 months to add structure and complexity to the wine which results in a very pure and moreish finish. Will sell quickly, buy two cases.

Hanepoot 55%
Chenin Blanc 39%
Crouchen Blanc (Cape Riesling) 6%