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Niu Methode Cap Classique 2019

Farm: Niu

“Organic hand-crafted Chenin Blanc MCC from an international collaboration”

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Style: Bubbly
Varietal: Mcc
Country: South Africa | Stellenbosch
750ml ABV. 12

An exciting collaboration between Frogitt & Vonkel, Joostenberg and Alta Alella in Barcelona, Spain.

We’ve been importing the fabulous premium Cava’s of Alta Alella near Barcelona for years. Owner, Josep-Maria was inspired by the winelands of South Africa when he began visiting his daughter whilst she studied her PHD at UCT. A wine-fueled lunch with our owner John Woodward saw the start of an idea to produce an organic MCC from Chenin Blanc. The vineyards of Joostenberg were identified as perfect, and another wine-filled lunch later Tyrell Myburg of Joostenberg was onboard!

Barn Swallows choose to mate for life and migrate seasonally between Europe and South Africa, returning to the same nesting site each year. In Spain their nests, Called “Niu” (pron. ‘new’), are considered sacred and are protected by law. This wine celebrates these inspiring little creatures.

Crafted entirely by hand from organic Chenin Blanc, this MCC is inspired by the wine-making traditions surrounding Cava in Spain. Tyrrel and Josep-Maria worked in close collaboration from the vine to the cellar to bring about a premium and unique product that wouls stand proudly alongside the both the award-winning Cava’s from Alta Alella and the highly acclaimed wines of Joostenberg. Dosage Zero.