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Radford Dale “Frankenstein” Pinotage 2014

Internationally acclaimed Pinotage that’s true to its Pinot Noir parentage. Selected as one of the top 5 pinotages, this wine has even fooled the experts!

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Style: Red
Varietal: Pinotage
Country: South Africa | Stellenbosch
Award(s): 4 Star Platter's Guide
750ml ABV. 13%

“Frankenstein” was the talented Doctor in Mary Shelley’s famous novel, and not the monster. Pinotage itself is a “created” entity (a cross of Cinsault and Pinot Noir), often misunderstood and mistreated, this particular wine was named in honour of the Frankenstein story. Alex is serious about Pinot Noir, and premium quality. Burgundy trained, his personal cellar is ram-packed with the finest French examples. Believing there was more to Pinotage than was being realised, he sought to coax the gentle/elegant nature of its parentage to the forefront by treating the elaboration (wine making) of his Pinotage more like Pinot Noir. A small batch of 40 year old bush vines were identified and selected especially for this project. The vines themselves rooted deep into rare clay-rich soil which imparts a wonderful sense of terroir. You’ll find a true expression of the grapes uniqueness here, without any of the harsh banana or burnt rubber that so often joins the flavour profiles of Pinotages.

Created specifically to compliment the elegance of Radford Dale ‘Frankenstein’, Consulting Chef Craig Cormack commented on tasting this wine “It might be Pinotage, but this certainly is no monster!” We Love: There’s so many great flavours in play with this dish that work so well with Pinotage… a varietal that’s so often served with simple “off the braai” red meats. Braising the duck meat first is a little effort, but it is simple enough and well worth the wait. Alternative Pairing: without question this dish goes fabulously well with the Catchpole & Co. Woodward Ridge Pinotage, also made for us by the same dream-team at The Winery of Good Hope (makers of Radford Dale).   Duck & Cherry Pot Pie with Radford Dale 'Frakenstein' and fresh seasonal garden salad   Ingredients Pie/Filling Puff pastry (store bought) 3 x Duck legs 20 x cherries 1 x egg (for egg wash) 2... Get the recipe here
4 Star Platter's Guide
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