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Radford Dale Multi-Vintage Pack

“Extremely rare and rewarding collection of selected vintages from one of the last undiscovered secrets of Bordeaux. Discovered and expertly curated by Alex Dale.”

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Style: Red
Varietal: Null
Country: South Africa |

“Radford Dale is the premium label at The Winery of Good Hope, our flagship producer at Frogitt & Vonkel. Starting life as a brand in its own right, “Black Rock”, a Swartland blend in the style of the Southern Rhone, is something of a success story. From launch the red blend consistently scored 4 or more Stars each year in the Platter guide. As a result, the wine was brought under the Radford Dale range. Black Rock is currently the Platter guides “Red Wine of the Year 2017” for the 2014 vintage; an accolade that also carries a full 5 Star rating. Whilst the 2018 edition results are not yet known, the trend is expected to continue for the 2015 vintage. Together with The Winery of Good Hope’s Founder, Alex Dale, we have assembled an enviable, and extremely limited, vintage selection of Black Rock that spans the wine’s life story. This story even includes the evolution of the label from stand-alone brand to fully incorporated Radford Dale status. The wines have all come from the aging cellar at The Winery of Good Hope, where they have been resting under optimal aging conditions. The older vintages are not normally made commercially available.”

Each pack, carefully curated by Alex Dale, contains:

BLACK ROCK RED 2005 – 4.5 Platter Stars

BLACK ROCK RED 2009 – 4 Platter Stars

BLACK ROCK RED 2011 – 4 Platter Stars

BLACK ROCK RED 2012 – 4 Platter Stars

BLACK ROCK RED 2014 – 5 Platter Stars (Red Wine of the Year 2017)

BLACK ROCK RED 2015 – Platter ratings due November 2017

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