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Ridgelands Pinot Noir 2011

“Rare cool-climate Elgin Pinot Noir with 5 years’ bottle maturation in the estate cellar.”

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Style: Red
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Country: South Africa |
750ml ABV. 12%

“Ridgelands” is the name of the farm that acts as home to the Elgin Vintners partnership. The original focus of the farm was apples and pears, but vineyards were planted in 2002 and the partnership began in 2005.
The Ridgelands label is all about sentimentality and a desire to craft wines that are distinct, unique and elegant.
Here three distinct soil types/plots of Pinot Noir, all within Elgin Orchards farm, were painstakingly managed and harvested at optimal ripeness. The finest fruit was hand selected, and esteemed before enjoying whole-berry fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The wine was then gently pressed and the juice transferred to small 225 LTR barrique barrels for 10 months’ maturation.
The wine was bottled in April 2012 and left to quietly mature and perfect before its release now, 5 years later.
The result is a showcase of cool-climate Elgin Pinot Noir, and a rare opportunity to buy something now, that was crafted 5 years ago and expertly matured in optimal conditions.
Only 8 barrels were produced, thus only 115 cases are available world-wide.
The price-tag belies the quality of the wine.