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The Spirit of G. Marc du Cap 2017

Farm: 4G WINES

“A Master Distiller took the freshly pressed fruit from G and created distilled perfection.”

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Style: Other
Country: South Africa | Western Cape
ABV. 45%

When one of Europe’s leading Master Distillers, himself a fan and collector of G approached the owners about making a grappa-styled spirit from the G. harvest, a little bit of magic was born.

This “Marc du Cap” (a spirit made in the same style as Italian Grappa) is the very essence of “The First Growth of the Cape”, distilled from the juicy grape skins that gave birth to G. 2017. It enjoys the same uncompromised quality as G.

This Single Vintage has been produced in a limited edition of just 580 bottles.

-Fresh pomace is distilled within hours after pressing in a high-end Kothe column potstill.

-Bottled after three months maturation in steel tanks.

-Expressive, remarkably fine and multi-layered. Pure, silky. Crystal clear aroma and fine hints of lemon zest in the finish.

Only 50 bottles available.