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Wildehurst Straw Wine 2018

“A golden, amber-hued creation with an intense concentration of jammy fruit flavours.  Be one of only a few in South Africa to own this indulgent wine.”

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Style: White
Varietal: Sweet
Country: South Africa | Swartland
null ABV. 6.5

One ton of Chenin Blanc grapes were sourced from a bush vine vineyard in Swartland to create this amazing straw wine.  The grapes were harvested at normal ripeness levels and then hung in Wildehurst’s trusty old shed on rows of wires to dehydrate before pressing.  The dehydration process assists in concentrating flavours, acidity and sugar.  Fermentation was done in a 100L French oak barrel and matured for 8 months before bottling.  A decadent, sticky pudding wine that exudes aromas of grandma’s home-made apricot jam. A delicious, well-balanced treat.

Only 165 bottles produced, with each bottle hand-numbered