“Rock Paper Scissors” is a collaboration project headed by M.C. Stander with the help of Jurgen Gouws and Johan Meyer.  All big names in the Swartland Independent Movement. M.C. studied viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosch University and did a few local harvests after graduating. He started wine making in 2012 with Tyrrel Myburgh at Joostenburg Wines where he managed 30ha of organic vineyards, thus sparking his passion for sustainable and organic farming.  At the end of 2018 he got an opportunity to produce his own wine with the help of many friends in the Swartland, like Callie Louw, Jurgen Gouws, Craig Hawkins, Johan Meyer and Tremayne Smith to name a few. He was inspired by these winemakers and their fresher style of winemaking.  “Rock Paper Scissors” indicates the three way involvement of M.C, Jurgen and Johan.  This is a project that might continue in the future…when we asked M.C. he said they will play a game of Rock Paper Scissors to decide.