The brainchild of rock-star winemaker Kobie Viljoen. Kobie was chief wine-maker at Gabrielskloof in his formative years of 2008 to 2015. In 2015 Kobie founded “Villion Family Wines”, a wine making project built around his past success and family history, but focused very clearly on the future.

A descendant of the first French Huguenot, Francois Villion, who made South Africa his permanent residence in 1671. The Villion family (changed to Viljoen later on in the Afrikaans language) made their living from vineyards and winemaking. The original spelling of the family name honours the Huguenot history of the now Afrikaans family.
He chooses his vineyard sites carefully, keeping in mind yields, altitude, clonal differences and proximity to the ocean. His winemaking is environmentally friendly and employs traditional methods which include spontaneous fermentation and open top fermentations, all which add to the authenticity of the wines.