Wyness Vineyards is very much a “new kid on the block” from a husband and wife team that are anything but “new kids” to the South African landscape. Established customers will recall the early days of the now famous Freedom Hill, from where we secure the Freedom Walk wines. In the beginning Ryan Wyness was the resident winemaker and manager at Freedom Hill, having been seconded there by Hempies Du Toit of Annandale.

Ryan not only learned how to make wine at Annandale and Freedom Hill, as he quickly set about winning the heart of Hempies daughter Lisa, whom he married some 10 years ago. They travelled France to further hone their skills, and upon returning home to SA set about establishing their own wine brand. They now have exclusive access to a small winery and vineyards on Winery Road, just down the road from Ken Forrester. All vini and viti-culture is handled by the family, and strictly organic methods are used, although certification is yet to come (too early).

Ryan and Lisa attend to everything personally and by hand, right the way down to hand-labelling every bottle!