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Stone Forest Shiraz / Mourvedre 2022

“A harmonious red blend from Wellington, with rich fruit flavours and wonderful oak integration.”

R118.00 per bottle (South Africa)

R121.59 per bottle (Namibia)

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Style: Red
Varietal: Red Blend
Country: South Africa | Wellington
750ml ABV. 14
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Fat Barrel brings you wines that are crafted with care and dedication.  “Stone Forest” wines honour the discovery of Paleolithic stone tools by South Africa’s vignerons among their forest vines.  These tools are believed to be 2.5 million years old.

This juicy red blend exudes savoury spices from the Mourvedre which is wonderfully complimented by smoky notes from the Shiraz.

Both Shiraz and Mourvedre were fermented separately.  The Shiraz spent 7 months on American oak staves whilst the Mourvedre was fermented for 4 months.

A synergetic partnership of spicy, fruit-forward Shiraz and the brooding dark tones of Mourvedre.

91% Shiraz, 9% Mourvedre

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