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Catchpole & Co. Expression Sauvignon Blanc 2022

“An extraordinary expression of Sauvignon Blanc, using unique terroir to coax the more subtle characteristics from the fruit and deliver a truly unique experience in the glass.”

R299.00 per bottle (South Africa)

R308.10 per bottle (Namibia)

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Style: White
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Country: South Africa | Elgin
750ml ABV. 13.5
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This Sauvignon Blanc is grown completely organically, on a cool south-facing slope in Elgin.

The grapes were left to ripen on the vine longer than usual resulting in a truly unique take on the classic varietal.

The wine was naturally fermented in stainless steel tanks and given a full 4 months on the lees.  A tiny portion was fermented in barrel to add texture to the palate.

Experience an uncharacteristically smooth Sauvignon Blanc that expresses flavours of blackcurrent, melon and pear drops.

Certified Organic